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Our Expertise

With over 20 years of working experience, our representatives will help you achieve the very best of your most important asset - your talent 
Human Resources 
Staffing / Recruiting 
Talent Development-OD

Human Resources are the biggest asset of your organization.  They are the talent who make up the workforce of your company and make things happen.  With such as important role, Human Resources need to be managed accordingly with company's vision and current labor legislation.


Our consultants will guide you and help you manage areas related to Induction Programs, HR Management, HR Compliance, Organizational Development, Conflict Resolution, Employee Relations, Family Integration, and Critical Thinking among others: allowing you achieve all your goals while have fun in the process. 

Recruitment is key for achieving the organizational objectives and be successful.  Such important role needs to be effective and assertive. 


Our structure enables us to pinpoint the best candidates for our customer needs in a timely manner and in the best interest of our clients and to the candidates to achieve the very best in their career.  

Among our services you'll find:  Executive Search, Selection and Assessment, Contract and Induction, and Temporary Recruitment.

If you're in need of recruiting personnel just give us a call or go to Staffing Solutions page in the menu bar. 

There's no investment more important than the one you do in developing your people.  When you have the right people in place, with the right knowledge making decisions, you have nothing to fear. 


PSD will help you develop custom trainings accordingly with your organization's needs and/or help you select a  training from our catalog.  All of our trainings can be given in two different formats - classroom training sessions (up to 50 employees), and online training sessions through PSD Learning Management System. 

OSH - General Industry
Leadership Coaching 
Team Buildings 

Occupational Safety and Health is a right that every employee has.  Company's needs to show and maintain it's work areas free of any potential risks.

When companies comply with OSHA the results are more engaged and motivated employees.  Show you care for them as they do to you, protect and give them a safe environment to perform their best.  

We count with authorized OSHA trainers to taught your personnel on how to follow and comply with occupational safety and health guidance while eliminates and/or minimizes exposure to incidents or accidents in the workplace.  

Among our services you'll find consulting services as well as 10 and 30 hrs. OSHA trainings.


PSD focus coaching in the Strategic Planning Process as the base for leading your organization into a future full of great performance and competitiveness advantage.  


Our consultants will help your leaders define a view with a mission that deliberately creates action steps to identify direction, set objectives, determine priorities, foster initiatives, and develop and strengthen core values by identifying your KPI's, applying strategic and critical thinking while leading by example. 


We ensure your organization will achieve your vision with today's decisions and a measurable plan that will move the company to the next level of performance.  

By increasing motivation and promoting cooperation among your teams, your company will be able to obtain better results and more effective team work.  

Team buildings create bonding and boost morale by building trust, balance, respect, and collaboration while at the same time enhance social relations and defines roles within a team.  All together, team buildings will drive your team to maximize the overall performance for a common objective. 

Our experts will customize your very best experience for building a team to perform at its best through Physical/Face-to Face Team Buildings and/or Online Team Buildings.


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